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Best Companion Dogs for the Elderly

There is no shortage of research regarding the benefits of having a canine companion in your senior years. In many situations, living in an independent or assisted living community will not prevent you from keeping your furry family member or adopting one. There are some considerations to think about when you’re a senior that’s planning on keeping or adopting a pet. This article will focus on some of the things that should be factored into your decision, as well as a few of the benefits and the top ten breeds perfect for any senior living community.

Benefits of having a companion dog:

  1. Keep you physically active

  2. Provide companionship

  3. Lower Stress

  4. Lower heart rate and blood pressure

  5. Lowered risk of depression

What are the limitations on breeds and lifestyles you should consider?

Keep in mind:

  • Some dogs are not suited to apartment life and need a lot of exercise.

  • Large dogs may jump, and cause injury.

  • If the dog becomes ill, will you be able to get him/her to the vet?

  • Are you financially able to support a breed with health problems, or who needs constant grooming?

  • If it is a heavy shedder, can you keep up with the housework required?

The answers will vary from person to person, depending on your age, activity level, and overall health. To help you narrow down your choices, here is a list of 10 dogs who have a reputation for being great pets for those in their Golden Years.

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