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Does Medicare Cover Hospice?

If you’re a Medicare beneficiary, Medicare does cover hospice. Medicare beneficiaries might not know about the hospice benefit that’s available to support end-of-life issues.

Dealing with a terminal illness is extremely challenging for the patient and his or her loved ones. Worries about care-giving, pain management, and costs of medication are overwhelming.

Financial planners say that Medicare hospice benefits are underused by beneficiaries. Hospice care can help the dying patient with medical care, emotional support, and pain management per his or her wishes.

For qualifying patients, Medicare pays for comprehensive hospice care delivered in a hospice facility or in the patient’s home. Importantly, Medicare Part F supplement plans cover patient deductibles and co-pays for Medicare eligible hospice beneficiaries.

Medicare Hospice Benefit

The hospice benefit includes an array of services that aren’t typically covered by Medicare. CMS says that approximately 90 percent of hospices across the nation are Medicare-certified. The Medicare hospice benefit includes:

  • Doctor and nurse practitioner (NP) services

  • Medical supplies and appliances

  • Short-term respite care and in-patient care

  • Nursing care

  • Home health aide (CNA) and homemaker services

  • Social worker services and counseling services

  • Spiritual support

  • Bereavement services

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