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Compare Medicare Supplement Plans: Differences Between Carriers & Plans

Compare Medicare Supplement Plans: Differences Between Carriers & Plans

If you are newly eligible for Medicare, you may not understand that Medicare doesn’t cover all of your health care costs.

Part A covers hospitals, and you have a deductible; and part B covers doctor visits, and you also have a deductible with your part B.

Then Medicare will cover 80% of your medically necessary healthcare costs.

So, choosing a Medicare supplement, or a Medigap plan covers that 20% that Medicare doesn’t cover, and those deductibles.

So, the standardized Medicare supplements are letter plans, letter plans A through N.

The most comprehensive plan is the letter plan G, which covers all your Medicare co-insurances, covers your hospital deductible.

The only thing that plan G doesn’t cover is your part B deductible.

Medicare Advantage VS Medicare Supplement

An alternative to getting Medicare supplement is a Medicare Advantage Plan.

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